Becoming “societe a mission”: a new ambition

It is official this March: Colisee is now a "societe a mission". The group has formalized in its statutes its specific mission at the service of the general interest. It is both the culmination of a long-standing CSR process but also a new step to go further.

S witching to the status of “societe a mission” requires an upward revision of its CSR ambition. And to achieve this ambition, consultation with stakeholders is essential. State of play, strategic workshop and action plan: the contributions made it possible to define major priorities. Internally, improving jobs attractiveness, the meaning of work, the development and resilience of activities (by reassuring the public authorities in a highly regulated sector) and the facilitation of public-private partnerships are among the highlighted priorities.

Externally, the emphasis was placed on a new communication about the group's image, the consolidation of its reputation by demonstrating the quality of commitments, how to improve the satisfaction of residents and employees over the long term, how to anticipate changes in the financial markets regarding CSR requirements and of course, always have the preservation of the environment in mind.

3 pillars, 24 goals

But the status of ”societe a mission” requires to be even more precise. Colisee will therefore lean on a real roadmap based on three pillars, which breaks down into 24 concrete objectives to be achieved by 2022.

First pillar: make each client feel at home.

Among the concrete objectives making this first requirement possible, we can cite, for example, the development of digital solutions in each nursing homes, the creation of dedicated, adapted and secure spaces for residents suffering from degenerative diseases, the dissemination of new educational approaches as part of staff training or even the commitment to more certified, local and sustainable food products.

Second pillar: drive transition toward a sustainable society.

How? By contributing to the public debate and by improving knowledge in better aging. By broadening the service offer and making it more accessible to people in need of financial assistance. By reducing water and energy consumption and more broadly by participating in the decarbonisation of society through the removal of all diesel vehicles, the promotion of eco-responsible travel and soft mobility, or the reduction of the quantities of waste, including food waste and quantify reduction target.

Third pillar: renew the elderly care industry.

Here again, to drive the point home, the goals are to promote health, safety and well-being at work or upgrading the skills of employees. Thus, 80% of them would have access to a training each year with a particular focus on sustainable development matters.

But progress must be made on all fronts: it will be necessary to favor internal promotion as to welcome at least 1000 young people per year; to allow broad access to employee shareholding as to improve the gender equality index.

This global and pro-active approach has already enabled Colisee to draft and promote a new common code of ethics which complements the adoption of the status of “societe a mission”. Finally, last objective: to obtain the “B corp” label by the end of 2022. This certification, born in the United States in 2006, labels companies by verifying their social and environmental performance, their public transparency and the balance they find between profit and general interest.
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