Let's build together

As we move towards a new epidemic peak with the restrictive measures that follow, we must not only continue to do everything to protect residents and teams, but we also have an obligation to prepare the ground for the future.

T he vaccination campaign is progressing, quite painfully, but wherever it is carried out well, including in our establishments, the noose is loosening. And while vigilance is still needed, we should also be satisfied that vaccines have been developed so quickly all over the world. But, when the situation returns to normal, nothing would be worse than not knowing what to do with our fully regained freedoms, especially the freedom to undertake for the well-being of all.

Much has been said about the world to come, the one to invent at the end of this pandemic. More modestly, Colisee wanted to assume its own entrepreneurial project that could also serve the general interest. And this is precisely why we are now a “societe a mission”

This relatively new concept is described extensively throughout this newsletter for anyone unfamiliar with it. Coming from the United States and the Benefit Corporations, this status, also in force in Italy, was introduced into French legislation in 2019 by the so-called Pacte law.

This method constitutes, I believe, a real opportunity, because this legal status and its framework offer possibilities of better building, formalizing and affirming our CSR approach in France and at the European level.

Obviously, for Colisee, this responsible process does not start today. It is based on virtuous practices patiently built over the years, practices that we have experienced as well in the continuous improvement of the quality of life offered to our residents, in the well-being at work of our employees and in our consideration for sustainable development matters.

Thus, in 2021, becoming “societe a mission” constitutes for Colisee a form of achievement and an encouragement to continue working in a direction that cares for social, ethical and environmental balance. And let's face it: the context lends itself particularly well. Indeed, what other great lesson can be drawn from the health crisis than that of the indispensable collective solidarity and the need for everyone to subscribe to it?

“Hold on together” have we heard for months. "Let's build together" I want to tell you today. Can a large private group, through consultation and dialogue, serve the general interest? Yes. Can a company whose activity is at the heart of the demographic revolution that will impact Europe shy away from its social responsibility? Obviously, no. In fact, this is why we are now a “societe a mission”.

Christine JEANDEL
Colisee Group president
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