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As we move towards a new epidemic peak with the restrictive measures that follow, we must not only continue to do everything to protect residents and teams, but we also have an obligation to prepare the ground for the future.
The « societe a mission »
in 5 questions

Should a company be useful - beyond its customers, its employees, its shareholders - to society as a whole ? The answer was yes for the State when he introduced into law in 2019 the possibility for a company to declare itself a "societe à mission". Let's decipher this ambitious facility together.
Becoming “societe a mission” : a new ambition

It is official this March : Colisee is now a "societe a mission". The group has formalized in its statutes its specific mission at the service of the general interest. It is both the culmination of a long-standing CSR process but also a new step to go further.
CSR : the unifying element of better aging in Europe

We often speak of the “Old Continent”. The fact is that “old Europe” has become and will be even more tomorrow the continent where demographic aging will be the most exacerbated. Therefore, making "aging better" a priority of general interest in Europe is more essential than anywhere else.
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About Colisée
With 16 000 collaborators, COLISEE Group is a leading European player with benchmark expertise in serving and caring for the elderly. Its network of medical facilities and residences with services in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and China welcomes more than 25 000 residents and patients. Colisée offers also home services. Its majority shareholders are EQT and CDPQ.
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