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the vaccination success
Three questions to Dr Paul-Emile Haÿ,
Colisee France medical and quality director

Sluggish as it was at the start in France, vaccination is in full swing today. The priority given to nursing homes has enabled a large majority of residents and staff to be vaccinated. A success that required unwavering determination and considerable organizational work. Feedback on this operation with Dr Paul-Emile Haÿ.

What was the group’s vaccination goal and where are you at today?

The goal was to reach 100% of residents and employees vaccinated. This is the best way to be all protected since there is scientific uncertainty about the vaccination rate to achieve herd immunity. The watchword was therefore force of conviction to obtain people’s consent, considering that a refusal is never final. The incentive also comes from the example: the entire executive committee and all managers have been vaccinated as soon as the doses were available for their age group. Today, 62% of employees in all professions are vaccinated. Including those who have contracted the disease, more than two-thirds of our employees are immune. As for residents, they are now 88.4% to be vaccinated, including 81% who have received two doses. Again, including those who have had covid, the immunity rate is 95.4%. We have not yet been able to convince the remaining 5% to get the vaccine, but we continue to work on it.

How was this vaccination organized?

We were approached by ministerial authorities in December. The methodology was not yet proven at that time. It was so in January, after going back and forth with the Regional Health Agencies, when the first deliveries arrived. Since then, they have taken place every three weeks. We thus received five deliveries. The supply was correctly carried out due to the priority given to EHPADs, even if in specific cases, things were complicated and we suffered delivery delays for establishments affected by an epidemic. Therefore, it was sometimes necessary to show a lot of voluntarism to receive these deliveries. Today, the supply continues through vaccination centers. Vaccination itself takes place within our walls. Each delivery of doses is followed by a big vaccination day. The EHPAD teams take care of it: coordinating doctor, coordinating nurses, nurses also helped when possible and necessary by liberal health professional who come to lend a hand.

Are we returning to “normal life” in EHPAD?

To protect everyone, the unvaccinated are tested weekly. Very few employees are positive today, around 1 in a 1000. Why? Because they work in a protected place where most people are vaccinated and where the virus circulates less. Likewise, very few residents are positive despite being tested as soon as there is a covid case. For several weeks, we have observed that the number of cases and deaths have fallen sharply. For example, we only have 4 Covid + residents to date in France. However, we remain vigilant. If the health protocol has been lightened, it still includes important provisions. Persons entering from a hospital are isolated for 7 days unless they are vaccinated. Then they are tested before isolation is lifted. Visits are again possible without an appointment but with antigenic tests at the entrance, and results in 10 minutes, for the unvaccinated. Family outings are also authorized, but with certain rules: an unvaccinated resident returning from an outing cannot participate in group activities for 7 days. He will then be tested on D + 4 and D + 7. Catering has resumed in most establishments with half-gauge, staggered placement and avoiding bringing together unvaccinated people. Social life therefore begins again, but is set up differently. We are indeed coming out of this crisis, moving towards a "new normality" in our EHPADs as in society.
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