MAY I 2022

While the government, first, and then Emmanuel Macron, have announced a reinforcement of controls in EHPADs, Colisée wishes to support this initiative in the name of necessary transparency, which is consubstantial with the model we want to promote on a daily basis.

F ollowing the publication of the book "Les Fossoyeurs" and the media turmoil it created, the Government announced last month a large-scale inspection program: in the next two years, all 7,500 EHPADs in France must be inspected.

This ambitious plan will require, according to the Ministry of Autonomy, a "lasting and significant" reinforcement of the human resources of the regional health agencies (Agences Régionales de Santé – ARSs) dedicated to control. The government plans to hire 150 people in these agencies, not to mention the efforts that the departments could make on their side.

Anything that contributes to greater transparency is likely to guarantee better quality for families, and above all, greater trust in the institutions. The managers of Colisée establishments will therefore give a most earnest welcome to the inspectors of the ARSs in the regions where the company operates, just as they recently received the magistrates of the Cour des Comptes, the French Court of Accounts which recently based its report on "medical care for the elderly in EHPADs" on the analysis of several of the company's establishments.

Trust: the heart of Colisée's commitment to residents

The duty of transparency at Colisée responds to a crucial need for trust in a society where mistrust is taking hold everywhere, affecting both private companies and public institutions. We have to rebuild trust between the elderly and their families on the one hand, and the professionals working with them on the other. And since opacity has never worked well with trust, opening the doors of establishments to elected officials, journalists and, a fortiori, public authorities, is all the more necessary.

Independent outside observers are an integral part of the Colisée model

Even beyond the control visits organized by the public authorities, Colisée has considered transparency and control to be consubstantial to its organization. For example, since 2017, the company has implemented a system of mystery visits with the research firm BVA. The purpose of these unannounced visits is to ensure that Colisée's fundamentals are being applied by the teams, particularly in terms of welcoming and supporting a future resident or his or her relatives. Simultaneously, the members of the mission committee1 and RSE France - the CSR consulting branch of the Apave Group and Colisée's independent third-party organization, are invited to pay visits to the various sites in the network.

1. The mission committee brings together a variety of personalities and experts in the field of the elderly, company directors, CSR managers and Colisée employees. It is responsible for monitoring the mission that Colisée has set for itself, and the company provides it with all the resources necessary for the successful completion of its work.


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