MAY I 2022

One year after Colisee decided to become a mission-driven company, what assessment can we make of these first months of work? Colisée has recently published it’s annual activity report (available HERE or at the end of the article), a document that is very enlightening to understand the impact of such an approach.

O ver the past two years, the health crisis has been an opportunity for everyone to question the profound meaning of the missions and challenges facing professionals working in the field of the elderly, whether they work in EHPADs or at home.

Giving meaning to their daily work has become an essential quest for all employees working in this difficult, demanding and engaging sector. But promising is not enough, you have to be able to prove your commitment.

And in order to provide this proof, Colisée chose in March 2021 to become a mission-driven company, thus joining the 500 French companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity that have already adopted this quality, according to data1 from the French association L'Observatoire des Sociétés à mission. Colisée has defined its raison d'être - "fostering positive ageing to drive society forward" - and has elevated it as the compass for its action through three statutory objectives:

  • To bring together an exchange community and improve the quality of life of seniors
  • To improve the quality of life of our teams and raise the perception of elderly care careers
  • To reduce the impact of its activities and protect our quality of life on the planet

What this means concretely for Colisée

Committing to such an approach requires, in concrete terms, measuring the company's progress in accomplishing this mission and evaluating the fulfillment (or lack thereof) of statutory objectives.

This is where two essential bodies come in:

  • The independent third-party body (ITB) mandated
    Colisée has appointed, as the ITB, the company RSE France which is part of the APAVE Group, an international group operating in 45 countries and which is the benchmark in the field of technical, human and environmental risk management. This organization's mission is to carry out investigations in the company and to issue an opinion attached to the mission committee's annual report.

  • The mission committee.
    This committee is in charge of monitoring the mission and is made up of a variety of personalities and profiles who are specialists in the field of the elderly, company directors, CSR managers and Colisée employees. Colisee is also committed to building a community of families and relatives representative of the countries in which it operates.

Because it is necessary to do everything possible to make progress, Colisée is involved in other initiatives, beyond the statutory commitments of any mission-driven company. For example, it will attempt to achieve B Corp certification, which is a label for commercial companies that meet requirements in terms of social and environmental responsibility, governance, and transparency towards the public. Finally, Colisée is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, in which the company commits to respecting ten fundamental principles on human rights, the international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

A model and high standards to strive for the best

While some may legitimately question the significance of committing to the mission-driven company status, Colisée has chosen to defend this model. It has therefore joined the Communauté des Entreprises à Mission, the leading association in France regarding the mission-driven company model, in order to convey the voice of this contributory model in France and in Europe and to share its thoughts and experiences with its peers.

This decision is the final step in a long-standing commitment for Colisée, in line with its historical founder, Patrick Teycheney. It is also the result of responsible practices patiently built and tested over the years. This is precisely what makes the mission-driven company model so interesting: an approach that is skillfully constructed and continually evaluated to measure progress over time. Its iterative nature is its strength and allows all professionals, residents, family members and investors to be involved in a transparent and shared way towards common objectives.

The annual report is available here.

1. Data dated from the end of 2021.


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