MAY I 2022

At a time when loneliness is a major problem for elderly people living in specialized establishments, and when reforms to residents' participation tools are needed, here is an overview of the measures Colisée has put in place to promote and develop ties between residents and their families.

L oneliness can insidiously creep in wherever the elderly live. It doesn't just affect people living at home but can also strike those living in Nursing homes. This is what studies published by the Petits Frères des Pauvres1 (French association fighting against isolation and loneliness of the elderly) regularly prove.

In parallel to this recurring observation, organizations and institutions have also pointed out the inadequacies of certain measures resulting from the French Act of January 2, 2002.

This is the case of the Cour des Compte2 (French Court of Accounts) which concluded in its recent report that the Conseils de la Vie Sociale (or CVSs), bodies prescribed by law and aiming to involve users in the operation of social and medico-social establishments, are not active enough and that the level of consultation and commitment of the managements vary greatly, with meetings being sometimes limited to simple formal exchanges.

However, an establishment that welcomes elderly people is not a place where one spends a few days or a few weeks but a place where one lives his or her life. Granted, you may arrive there more dependent than before, but you come with your own character, your own habits, and your own desires. And sometimes even with the wish to break a solitude that may have been too present in the home you used to live in.

The human ties are at the heart of health and medical care

The Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated once again that to stay healthy, the elderly people need interpersonal relationships as much as medical care. Colisée has therefore focused its approach on the human ties by systematically seeking to increase exchanges and contacts between residents, their families, the teams and all those involved.

To achieve that, Colisée has put in place several devices including Portal+, a system that provides residents and staff with a tablet equipped with a webcam. During the most difficult moments of the health crisis, when contact with loved ones was not possible, bonds were able to be created through these video-conference exchanges.

The company's platform, MyColisée, is a true private social network in which the animation teams share daily events via a news feed, a calendar, a photos library, and documents. It allows you to send photos and messages to a loved one to maintain a strong and instantaneous bond with the outside world. For the family, it is an ideal solution for keeping a direct contact with their loved one in an Nursing home. Today, it counts more than 14,000 posts per month and more than 24,000 connected relatives.

Colisée evaluates the efficacy of its actions with residents and their relatives

Colisée's strategy is nourished by the active contribution of all its stakeholders, both internal and external.

Between residents on the one hand and employees on the other, Colisée has embraced a logic of "symmetry of attention". Thus, as of 2019, Colisée has implemented a solution for collecting verified opinions, formulated by both customers and their relatives, through a platform called Wedoxa. This solution has been deployed in the four European countries in which Colisée operates and has allowed to collect more than 30,000 reviews in 2021.

The evaluation strategy is based on a measurement unit called the "NPS" for "Net Promoter Score Global". This indicator evaluates the probability that a client or a relative will recommend the establishment to their friends and family. It is calculated as the difference between the percentage of promoters (score of 9 or 10) and the percentage of detractors (score from 0 to 6). This score ranges from -100 to +100. It was 39 for Colisée in 2021.

Finally, as of 2022, a commission representing the relatives will be set up in each country where Colisée operates in order to feed the work of the mission committee and to take their needs and expectations into even greater consideration.

1. In particular the 2018 study "Paroles de résidents, paroles de résistants".
2. "La prise en charge médicale des personnes âgées en Ehpad, un nouveau modèle à construire", February 2022, Cour des Comptes. Colisée collaborated on this work, alongside other groups and institutions from all sectors.


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